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The Center for Learning Support Services (CLSS) assists students of all cultures, abilities, backgrounds and identities with becoming self-regulated learners who continually work to improve their academic performance through tutoring, academic coaching, and test preparation workshops.


                            VALUES and COMMITMENTS

We value the growth and development of all people, regardless of title/position, ability, background, racial/ethnic identity, gender/sexual orientation, political or religious ideology.  We are committed to providing appropriate challenge and support to help all individuals succeed. 

We value teamwork and collaboration.  We are committed to developing partnerships across campus that are mutually beneficial in achieving our mission. 

We value the resources of our planet.  We are committed to sustainability efforts that preserve, prolong or recycle these resources.

We value the financial resources available.  We are committed to cost-saving measures that extend these financial resources, and to assist in efforts that raise additional funds to supplement the state allocations.