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Individual Student Tutoring

The Center for Learning Support Services is closed for the Summer Semester.  We are accepting applications for Tutors/Academic Coaches for Fall 2019 Semester to provide one-on-one tutoring, and to assist students with a variety of academic topics. We will begin interviews when Fall Semester begins, August 19, 2019.

Some of the benefits that students gain through our tutoring/academic coaching program include:

  • Paid Position
  • Tutors/Academic Coaches work between 10-20 hours a week
  • Tutors/Academic Coaches identify times and days they are available; flexible schedule
  • Tutors/Academic Coaches indicate the courses they are willing to work and assist with
  • We provide trainings throughout each semester (3-4 trainings)
  • Resume Builder, Volunteer Opportunities, and Leadership Opportunities
  • Working with students in the Tutoring Center, Morris Library, Room 710
  • We provide assistance Monday thru Thursday, 10-7pm and Friday, 10-4pm
  • Tutors/Academic Coaches do not typically work through the weekend

If you are energetic, passionate about a particular subject or want to share study strategies and tips, please submit an application.

For qualifications and to apply: Center for Learning Support Services-Tutor.